Saturday, March 19, 2011

Excuses: There are 200 ropers loading trailers with excuses.

Today, in Elk Grove, CA Jerold Camarillo helped squelch a few "excuses".  Jerold isn't as young as you might have remembered, and theoretically some people enter the "washed up" group at a certain advanced age.  Jerold has once again dodged this ideal today, winning the number 12 roping and taking home $3200.  Wow!  Many "so called ropers" have retired but a few are still out there slogging it out in the rain and wind and winning.  A few of the elite actually train the ropers that are winning.  Today Jerold roped with a high school student turning a steer in 8, won the number 12 roping, witnessed another trainee "Chris Perry" win the number 13, and another local roper Pat finish above average.  Understandably its tough to decide to rope with a pro.  The lessons cost can quickly accumulate.  But, and there is skill and luck involved, when it turns your direction its often worth $3000 plus.  Horse ducking off, one leg instead of two, charging in the box?  Maybe its time to give Leo or Jerold a call?  You can dismiss them as older and a bit out of style, but only for a nanosecond.  Because just as you think there is logic in dismissing the talent of these boys, you'll likely get your shorts handed to you in a baggy.  Today a "old" team roper, Jerold Camarillo, drove off with $3200.  Aren't you just begging to ask "how did you do that?".  Its not just the fact that the Camarillos have achieved Hall of Fame status, but that they are still winning at 60 plus.   You owe it to yourself to call and talk to these guys.  I mean, who gets up on a Saturday morning, goes out and wins $3200 and is a member of the over 60's club?  Call the Camarillos if you want to win.   Win at 20, 30, 60?  Yes.  Win at any age any day?  The Camarillos won again today (no suprise here) and a Camarillos did it not at 30 years old but at 60  plus.  And you are still trying to teach yourself to rope?  Duh!  I cannot over emphasize the beneifit of even a few lessons.  Just rope, or WIN.  It's your choice and the Camarillo's can help.  Call today!