Monday, October 11, 2010

Changing the Game - How the Camarillo Family Revolutionized the Sport of Rodeo

If you love team roping, and the history of rodeo, you're going to want to get your hands on a copy of Changing the Game - How the Camarillo Family Revolutionized the Sport of Rodeo.  Its going to be available Fall 2010.  Watch the trailer at:

Young Guns

Jerold gets excited everytime a new student masters a lesson, or he hears about students doing well.  He has lots to be proud of this month.  A number of his students (all adults) competed at the ACTRA Finals in California and numerous youth students competed at the junior high, and high school level rodeos as well.  The Camarillo's also had a good showing at the NCJRA Finals last month where students placed well and collected awards and cash, including a Steer Stopping Year End Champion Title.  The JHSRA first two District 5 rodeos of the season were held in conjunction with the first two District 5 HSRA rodeos.  There were numerous Camarillo students, both boys and girls, competing and placing.  Two Camp Jerold cowboys, (one each from jr. high & high school) faired very well. The high school cowboy won a 1st/2nd in Tie Down Roping and 1st in the Average, 1st/3rd Team Roping (as a Header) and 1st in the Average, Senior All-Around Cowboy.  The junior high competitor finished with a 1st/1st Breakaway, 1st/2nd Ribbon Roping, 1st Team Roping (as a Heeler), 1st/1st Goat Tying, Junior All-Around Cowboy.  Note: the JHSRA rodeos did not have an average.  Other Camp Jerold students did well, placing in various events.  In the past 6 months there has been a steady increase in youth students at the teaching arena (Camp Jerold) in Oakdale, CA and you can see the competition heating up at the rodeos throughout California.  There was a steady stream of new and advanced students (youth and adults) last week, but there is always room to schedule lessons, including multi-day, stay over lessons.  Leo is in Arizona and conducts lessons for youth and adults on a regular basis as well.