Thursday, September 2, 2010

Camarillos Receive Top Honor at Oakdale Cowboy Museum's Annual Benefit Dinner

This year, the board of directors at the Oakdale Cowboy Museum has selected Leo, Jerold, and Reg Camarillo as their honorees.  No stranger to awards, this one hits home, literally.  Leo and Jerold moved to Oakdale at a young age relocating from a ranch in Santa Ynez.  The boys, along with their cousin Reg have put the Camarillo name at the forefront of Team Roping with many successful wins, NFR appearances and inductions into the PRCA Hall of Fame to name a few.  PRCA Director of Communications Kendra Santos said of the Camarillo's influence, "It's not a stretch to say that the Camarillos revolutionized team roping.  They are true pioneers and living legends in the cowboy community, and will go down in history among the sport's all-time greats.  Leo, Jerold and Reg showed up with that rare combination of natural talent and tireless work ethic.  Their discipline and fierce competitive spirit could not be denied.  They were a dominant force that raised the roping bar forever".  Leo says the change in Team Roping was born out of necessity.  "We found that when roping in a pasture with tall grass, the 'trap loop' which was the style back then didn't work.  We found that by getting in time or rhythm with the steer, we could rope the hind feet while still in the air.  This new way cut seconds off the old style and subsequently changed the game." 
You'll still see Jerold and Leo regularly competing in roping competitions.  This weekend, Jerold Camarillo will be competing in the 55th Annual Oakdale Ten Steer.  A nearly week long 10 steer marathon that has become an iconic roping event on the West Coast.  What is perhaps even more pleasing to youth and adult ropers alike is that Jerold and Leo have slowed down their competition schedule and opened up more time for individualized roper and rope-horse training.  Both Leo and Jerold conduct regular lessons for adults and youth in California, Arizona and other locations by request.  Congratulations to all three Camarillos for being honored at this year's Oakdale Cowboy Museum annual benefit dinner.

Camp Jerold Roping Students Qualified for NCJRA Finals

7 roping students that receive lessons and training, including tune up training on roping horses, have qualified for the NCJRA Finals being held in Oakdale, CA September 11/12th.  Both boys and girls will be represented and participating in Team Roping, Steer Stopping, Tie Down Roping, Breakaway Roping, and Goat Tying.  The NCJRA Finals invites the top 10 cowboys and cowgirls in each event to the Finals, based on points accumulated throughout the year.  As expected, expert training and consistent lessons are paying off for these top contestants that are being taught by Jerold Camarillo at the Camp Jerold arena and training facility in Oakdale, CA.  "There is a mix of adults and kids throughout the month that come for roping training" says Mr. Camarillo.  "Its pleasing to watch the improvement in roping skill and horsemanship". he added.  One of the cowboys qualified in the top 10 and made the finals despite starting later in the season, missing 4 rodeos in the circuit and roping in breakaway for the first time.  "That takes determination" says another roper, also a Finals qualifier.  Others would say it takes great training to accomplish that feat.  Two of the contestants struggled with difficult horses, both having problems in the box, spoiling many a run early in the season.  Jerold Camarillo worked with the ropers and their horses, and both are now highly competitive, one of which took second in Girls Breakaway during the last  rodeo.  Many of the qualifiers also qualified at the CHSRA (California High School Rodeo Association) Finals in Bishop, CA this past June.  Most of these Camp Jerold students are seated in the top 3 or 4 positions, with a couple of students ranked number 1 in their event coming into the Finals.  That certainly illustrates the benefit of great training.  "Anyone can work with a student, but not everyone can work with a bunch of different students with different problems and achieve results" says Dardalee Bussell, DVM  a mother of two of the roping students.  "You know you're a true teacher when you can see improvement across the board in so many different youth and adult ropers" she adds.  For Camp Jerold and Mr. Camarillo it certainly has been an exciting season to see so many students make the Finals in the same year. Congratulations to all of the NCJRA Finals qualifiers.