Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Vindication - Finally

Vin·di·ca·tion: the defense, such as evidence or argument, that serves to justify a claim or deed.

That is just what happened for Jerold Camarillo last weekend as two of his roping students performed very, very well at the annual NCJRA Rodeo in Clements, CA. 

Jerold was finally vindicated by the performance of these two students, after watching a few not so stellar performances.  These two roping students, Colton Farquer, and Amanda Valente, have been receiving consistent instruction from Jerold for the past year.  At times they've looked good, improving monthly and even placed well in a couple of rodeos, but like the nursery rhyme "when she's good she's very good, and when she's bad she's horid" they both have been hot and cold throughout the past few rodeos.  "When they are on, it looks great, when they are off, you have to scratch your head and wonder why.  I've seen them turn steers in under 8 in practice" said Dardalee, Colton's mother. 

That all changed last weekend in Clements, California. Amanda roped very well in the steer stopping, 1st in breakaway and 3rd in team roping, netting her cash and the Girls Reserve Champion All-Around title on Saturday.  Colton won the tie down roping, 2nd in steer stopping, and 3rd in the team roping (heeling for Amanda), and snatched the Champion All-Around title on Saturday.  He went on to win the tie down roping again on Sunday at a second rodeo, and did well enough in steer stopping and team roping (with Amanda) to net him the Reserve Champion All-Around title for Sunday.

In not so many words Jerold Camarillo said "I put a lot of work into training these two.  It's hard to go to a rodeo as their coach and sponsor and see them perform poorly when I know they can perform so much better because I see it at practice." He added, "Finally, they do great, and not just in a single event.  It was nice watching Amanda and Colton placing well in multiple roping events and then see both of them win All-Around titles in the same day. It really made me feel good" he said.

"The team struggled some this year, at times blaming each other, but lately that has stopped and they put the team back in team roping.  That one thing, working as a team, seems to have made all the difference.  Amanda handled steers great all weekend and Colton cleaned up two feet when he needed to, neither blaming the other, and both doing their job." says Byron, Colton's father.

"I know Jerold has been wondering if it was ever going to come together for me (tie down roping) because he's watched a few of my rodeos, but after last weekend I hope I've made him proud, winning not just one tie down roping but two, back to back, and an All Around and a Reserve All-Around title in the same weekend." says Colton.

When complimented by an adult roper about his performance and his back to back tie down wins Colton responded modestly "I could have done better, ...and tied faster." That brought a smile to Jerold.

Amanda Valente and Colton Farquer both live in Oakdale, CA and take lessons at Camp Jerold on a regular basis. Amanda and Colton are qualified for the CHSRA State Finals in Bishop, CA June 2010.  In addition to roping Amanda competes regularly in Barrels, Goat Tying and Pole Bending.