Monday, April 27, 2009

25th Anniversary Wrangler Timed Event Championship Lazy E Arena

Pictured from Left to Right:
Champion Kyle Lockett 2005
Champion Olie Smith 1995
Champion Mike Beers 1986
Champion Bobby Harris 1990
ChampionTrevor Brazile 2009,2007,2006,2004,2003,1998
Champion K.C. Jones 2001,1999,1996,1993
Champion Leo Camarillo 1989,1985
Champion Daniel Green 2008,2002
ChampionJimmie Cooper 1994,1992,1988
Champion Paul Tierney 2000,1997,1991,1987

2008 NSPRA World Champions & Reserve Champions

2008 NSPRA End of Year Standings

All Around - Man - 60's - Leo Camarillo
Calf Roping - 60's - Leo Camarillo
Ribbon Roping Roper - Leo Camarillo

Team Roping Header - Jerold Camarillo
Team Roping Heeler - Leo Camarillo

14 year old student debuts in Northern California

Jerold Camarillo has been training adults and young adults for nearly as long as anyone can remember. One of his students, a 14 year old young cowboy, recently debuted at a Northern California Junior Rodeo Association (NCJRA) rodeo in LaGrange, Ca. This cowboy entered his first ever tie-down roping event and placed 5th! "I owe my success to good fundementals" says Colton Farquer. "I've qualified for the NCJRA Finals Rodeo two years in a row in breakaway, but this year, due to age I had to move up to Tie Down Roping" he said. "I worked with Jerold Camarillo over the winter and entered my first rodeo as a tie-down roper with confidence" Colton added. His fundementals, horsemanship and performance earned him a 5th place against 18 year olds in the first rodeo of the 2009 NCJRA season in California. "I would not be where I am as a 14 year old, holding my own against seniors in high school, if not for the instruction of Jerold Camarillo." he added. "There simply is no subsitute for learning from an NFR, Senior Pro, and Cowboy Hall of Fame instructor" Colton says. During the weekend rodeo he went on to catch 5 of 5 steers as a header in steer stopping, team roping and ribbon roping. "Last year I hoped to catch a few steers, but now I am planning on placing in the money. That is what lessons with Jerold Camarillo can do for your skill level and your confidence!" he says. Colton Farquer is an honor student at Oakdale Junior High School and 4 time NCJRA Finals Rodeo Qualifier. "I learn more in Jerold's arena (Camp Jerold) than I can from any DVD or pratice dummy" "You learn by roping with the best, and Jerold makes me better each time" he adds.

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