Thursday, September 17, 2009

Challenges, nothing new for the Camarillos

"I want to come learn to rope, and I need to be able to do it horseback by the end of the week!" This is how a new student call started, and if you were present in Oakdale the week of September 14th you would have witnessed that what seems impossible, can be done...... with the right instruction. A young lady that would certainly be classified as a novice, just learning how to handle a rope, was by the end of the week, able to rope moderate steers horseback. It can be a challenge to teach students, certainly in a hurry, but it can be done. Both Jerold and Leo Camarillo are available for roping lessons whether it be for a tune up, or if you are greener than grass. This year both have spread out between California and Arizona to serve more ropers and conduct training schools. Call to schedule your next lesson.

Team Roping School Students Advance

In just two days, two students of the Camarillo's head to the NCJRA Finals Rodeo in Clements, CA. Only the top 10 cowboys and cowgirls advance to this Finals Rodeo, competing in two performances and an aggregate to claim the top spots in the 2009 events. This year, the Camarillos have influenced two students who will make it to the Finals. The tradition of solid practice, instruction, and execution will carry these athletes. Septermber 19th, 2009 the rodeo performance kicks off at 8 am. Stop and say hello.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Chris Perry & Jerold Camarillo - 6.0 Flat

Oakdale, CA. September 3, 2009. It's time for the 10 Steer Labor Day Weekend roping in Oakdale and the associated Century, All-Girls and Open ropings that occur along with it every year. In the century roping today Chris Perry and Jerold Camarillo were in the money, securing a solid afternoon with a 6.0 second run on the last steer. Since the Camarillo's commonly have a multi-second handicap at just about every roping either Jerold or Leo attend, their total time on the steers was increased overall for the day. Despite that, both Chris and Jerold went to the pay window. Note: Chris is just one of many ropers that Jerold has worked with over the years to refine and improve his roping skills, tomorrow a couple of his female students take to the arena in the All-Girls roping.